A Strategy to Getting Car Insurance as Low as $9 per Week

Saturday 20th January 2018

(ILW) – New policies prove drivers have likely overpaid on car insurance coverage for years. Can this be the end of overpriced insurance rates?

Shopping for auto insurance quotes may sound like an easy task until you consider the different variables that determine low or expensive rates. Generally, you have two options for finding a quote for insurance coverage that fits your budget. You could contact individual companies that offer auto insurance in your area. On the other hand, you can use an auto insurance quote tool to make this an easier task.

Typically, these online tools allow you to select quotes from multiple insurance companies at once. Simply enter your zip code and other driver-related information and you are well on your way to having dozens of insurance companies competing for your business. These online tools may ask for your age, description of vehicle being insured, driving history and other information to find the lowest quotes.

Most insurance companies on these auto insurance comparison sites have a national presence. However, the quotes for insurance rates will vary based on your geographical location. The type of coverage you need, e.g., full coverage or just liability, also determines how much you can expect to pay.

Nevertheless, you can realize extraordinary savings by using an online tool for insurance quotes. Instead of spending extensive time contacting multiple insurance companies with your preferences and needs, you can provide the same information once. The quotes come to you rather than you searching for quotes.

There is common information that auto insurance companies need to provide accurate quotes. Some auto insurance companies may require additional information before issuing a policy. However, the following documentation is essential to finding the lowest quotes in your area:

• Description of the vehicle, including make, model, year and VIN
• Your driver’s license number and issuing state
• Lender information if you have a vehicle loan

Having this information on hand before you begin using an online auto insurance tool can streamline the process. You are ready to find a low-cost auto insurance policy.

Maximize the Benefits of Using an Online Auto Insurance Comparison Tool

In rare cases does it take 15 minutes or less to receive a low auto insurance quote from an insurance provider. Whether you contact the insurance company online or on the telephone, expect to spend time taking notes and waiting for systems to catch up. However, with an online comparison tool, you can skip the paper trail nightmare and realize many benefits.

Save Time

Enter your information into one form. The online tool does all the work for you. In 60 seconds or less, the system will return multiple quotes for you to review. You will save hours by not shopping from company to company.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

You can view multiple quotes at once to find the one that provides the most value for your auto insurance needs. Most tools display a side-by-side comparison of premium payments and discounts from which to choose.

Select an Auto Insurance Policy

Contact information is readily available once you have identified one or more auto insurance quotes. You can call the insurance companies immediately without leaving the comfort of your home.

Armed with several auto insurance quotes, it is now time to purchase an affordable plan. Some people prefer an auto insurance company with a local office. This is an added convenience if you need to speak to an agent in person about an issue. Purchasing auto insurance from a local company also helps if you are in an accident.

Generally, you can realize savings of hundreds of dollars with an online auto insurance tool. The advantage of receiving multiple quotes from one source broadens the net for finding low-cost auto insurance. Some people realize savings of up to 50 percent by using an online auto insurance tool for first time purchases. On average, drivers can save 40 percent by switching to a new insurance provider.

Once you experience the convenience of an online comparison tool for insurance quotes, you will not shop any other way.

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